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Long Live Emil from Lonneberga!
ISBN: 978-9939-68-497-0

Author: Astrid Lindgren
Translated from Swedish by: Ashkhen Bakhchinyan
Pages: 192
Cover: soft
Size: 12.5x20cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2016

     This prankster who has found his place among our favorite characters and who lives with his father Anton Svensson, his mother Alma Svensson and his younger sister Ida on the Katthult farm in the town of Lönneberga, Småland county starts his lessons at school. Their house maid Lina is sure that Emil will find a place in heaven only when there is a need for someone’s help with thunder bolts. In this volume Emil enters a few crazy deals at Bakhorva auction, catches 1200 crayfish contrives to get into the anti-alcoholic center with his tamed pig, unwittingly locks his Dad in Trise’s cottage on the day of exam on the Holy Book and at the end of the story he manages to perform such a feat for his dear friend that both Lina and everyone in Lönneberga change their opinion of him.

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