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  2013-03-04 Catalogue of Armenian Artists’ Works

Zangak Publishing House has initiated the publication of a catalogue of Armenian artists’ illustrations for books. The catalogue will be presented at Bologna International Book Exhibition on March 25-28.

All those who want their works to be involved in the upcoming catalogue are welcome to submit their CV, digital copies of a photo and offered works electronically via info@illustrators.am by March 8.

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  2013-02-26 Presenting English Reader

On February 27, the Zangak bookstore hosted the presentation of English Reader, which was the third of the Book Presenting Day events. The event was held in a new original manner: it was not the publisher or the authors who presented the book, but the secondary and senior schoolchildren who had taken an active part in Zangak’s Facebook event. Namely, a contest had been announced, which challenged the children to pick out and present a piece of fiction from the Reader.

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  2013-02-24 Presenting Foreign Tales

On February 25, the Zangak bookstore held the second Book Presenting Day event; the event was devoted to the presentation of Foreign Tales, one of Zangak’s latest publications, and Modern Tales from the series of Plasticine Heroes Present.

The event was attended by the distinguished Armenian children’s writers Edward Militonyan and Suren Muradyan and the painter-sculptor Levon Abrahamyan. 

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  2013-02-21 Presenting 10 Outstanding Armenian Kings

The Zangak bookstore held the presentation of 10 Outstanding Armenian Kings, which turned out to be the most popular book of all within the scope of the Facebook event organized on the occasion of Book Presenting Day. In line with the theme of the day, Zangak Publishing House combined the presentation of the book with the exhibiton of the Armenian kings’ sculptures by Tariel Hakobyan and Hovsep Papikyan. 

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  2013-01-24 A Way to Smart Society: Digital Tools for Effective General Education

With the support of the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Education and Science and in partnership with Zangak Publishing House, Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex announces the 5th Annual General DigiTech Open International Contest on the subject of applying innovative methods and solutions, information technologies and tools in school.

The contest is held in tender procedure, open to everyone without age restrictions and with individual, group, class, school and family projects.

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  2012-12-19 “Pippi Longstocking” Already in Armenian
One of the works by the world famous children’s writer Astrid Lindgren, “Pippi Longstocking” will be presented to our child readers in a surprising form. From December 25 to 28, children will have the opportunity to get the book with their own photograph on the cover from Zangak Bookstore.  
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  2012-11-16 A Meeting with Contemporary Armenian Writers and Literary Critics

A group of students from Yerevan State Pedagogical University, Philological Faculty, who have been going through their professional practice in “Zangak” Publishing House had a meeting with contemporary Armenian writers and literary critics.

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  2012-06-03 The First Seminar Entitled “How to Get Ready for School”

The first workshop entitled “How to Get Ready for School” for the educators of preschool institutions took place in the presentation hall of “Zangak” Bookstore (49/2) at 14:00, June 5. It was a joint initiative of “Zangak” Publishing House and the education department of the municipality.

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  2012-05-30 Fables with Illustrations by Armenian Children

The presentation of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Fables with Illustrations by Armenian Children”, published at Zangak Publishing House, took place in “Zangak Bookstore”, on the 1st of June, 2012, on International Child Protection Day. At the same time, the exhibition of the original pictures used in the book took place at the exhibition hall of the bookstore.

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  2012-05-20 Friendship-What is it?

The presentation of Natela Melqumova’s book “Friendship-What is it?” in “Zangak” Bookstore at 14:00, May 22, was opened with a speech by Yuri Yuzbashyan, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, author of “Music” textbooks for  1-6 grades.

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