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  2013-12-04 “A Fairy Tale for My Grandchild” Pre-Holiday Event
Dear Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Zangak Publishing House invites you to take part in our program “A Fairy Tale for My Grandchild” at the eve of New Year tailored for you. You’ll be given an exceptional opportunity to tell your best Fairy Tale not only to your grandchild but to many other children. Our first fairy-meeting is scheduled on December 13 and will last till December 27. The participation requirements are as follows:
1.  To be a Grandmother or Grandfather and to have a Grandchild. 

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  2013-08-30 An Event Dedicated to the “Day of Knowledge”

“Meeting the Day of Knowledge” event was celebrated at the “Zangak Bookstore” and authors of textbooks and manuals, specialists from National Educational Institute, principals and teachers were invited to take part in it. The authors of textbooks on Armenian History, World History, Music, Natural History, Social Science, Mathematics and other manuals for Public Schools of the RA published by “Zangak Publishing House” presented the peculiarities and the methodological advantages of the textbooks delivered to schools this year. 

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  2013-05-23 Kindergarten Teachers' Training Courses
Zangak Bookstore hosted the three-day "Kindergarten Teachers' Training" courses implemented by Zangak Publishing House within the scope of Counterpart International's "Civil Society and Local Government Support" program. 
NIE Pre-elementary Education Department's specialist Lala Smbatyan, NIE Armenological Studies Department's music specialist Karine Ghazaryan, RA secondary school (1-4 years) "Mathematics" textbooks' author Sokrat Mkrtchyan, Anania Shirakatsi Educational Complex's senior pedagogues Chinarik Margaryan and Srbuhi Papyan conducted 
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  2013-05-10 Presenting Let’s Sing

On 11th May, 2013, at 15:00, Zangak Bookstore will host the presentation of the book Let’s Sing by Hripsime Khrimyan and Ruzanna Zohrabyan. 
The songbook includes different songs on joke, character, lyrical, educational and other themes, the intended audience of the book being children and teenagers. During the event the songs will be performed by the choir Nareh of the school after Grigor Narekatsi and the children of the singing club of the school after Leo. The songbook also has a CD with the songs’ instrumentation to enhance the songs’ teaching.

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  2013-04-18 Tales from Shakespeare
It is through translation that national culture becomes the property of all humanity; moreover, it is enriched due to contact with the culture of the world. Zangak Publishing House's literature in translation has been replenished with the series entitled "Tales from Shakespeare", due to which teenage children too can read the great writer's famous works such as "The Tempest", "Romeo and Juliet", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Macbeth", etc. A group of children already acquainted with the new books presented the latter during the event "Writers' Latest Books, Publishers' Next Projects" organized by Art-Bridge Bookstore Cafe on April 19.  
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  2013-04-11 Meeting with the Italian Poet, Writer and Artist Claudio Pozzani

On April 17, 2013, at 19:00 Zangak Bookstore will host a meeting with the Italian poet, writer and artist Claudio Pozzani.

Pozzani’s poetic performances have been presented at the top international poetry festivals, translated into more than 10 languages and appeared in the best anthologies of contemporary poetry. 

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  2013-04-09 Problems of History 2: Annual
On April 16, at 16:00, Zangak Bookstore will host the presentation of the annual entitled "History Issues 2" (Zangak Publishing House, 2013) edited by the Head of YSU World History Chair, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Albert Stepanyan. The anthology will be presented by the authors of the articles, which are on the global issues of history of the world and Armenia. 
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  2013-04-07 Zangak Publishing House at the 50th Bologna Children's Book Fair

This year Bologna Children's Book Fair was celebrated with unusually bright colours, 2013  being the 50th anniversary of  the international exhibition. Importantly enough, Zangak Publishing House too participated in the exhibition.

Traditionally, special significance is attached during the event to book illustration with the “Best Illustrator” Award organized in separate format. Therefore well before the exhibition Zangak Publishing House had undertaken the publishing of the first catalogue of Armenian illustrators’ works to present the latter in due manner at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. 
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  2013-03-12 From Toumanian to Charents: Closing the Book Month

On March 13, the Zangak Publishing House bookstore hosted the final event within the scope of literary-cultural events entitled Book Presenting Day. Launched on February 19, the birth anniversary of the All-Armenian poet Hovhannes Toumanian, the Book Month events, which united the different sectors of the reading society, were closed on March 13, Eghishe Charents’ birthday. 

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  2013-03-08 Presenting Children’s Literature in Translation

On March 9, the Zangak bookstore held the presentation of children’s literature in translation. During the event the children were not only presented with Kenneth Graham’s “The Wind in the Willows” but also had their photos taken as heroes from “Alice in Wonderland”, “Alice in Mirror Image Land” and “Pippi Longstocking” to find themselves on the bookcovers.

Zangak Publishing House also presented the Armenian translation of Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories” with the writer’s own illustrations, comments and poems. 

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