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  2014-04-22 Illustrators.am 2014 Opening Ceremony-Exhibition
April 23 is celebrated as the World Book and Copyright Day. Zangak Publishing House commemorated this day in a very special way organizing the opening ceremony-exhibition of the catalogue Illustrators.am 2014.
The exhibition displayed the structure and format of the most significant international events in publishing sector: Frankfurt, Bologna and London book fairs, their purpose and perspectives. 


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  2014-04-17 Illustrators.am 2014

We have the pleasure to invite everybody to the opening ceremony-exhibition of Armenian illustrators’ catalogue “Illustrators.am 2014” to be held at Zangak Bookstore on April 23 – the international day of book and copyright.

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  2014-04-03 10 Outstanding Armenian Queens
10 OUTSTANDING ARMENIAN QUEENS is not merely a collection of historical role models and key events but also gift and homage to Armenian women.
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  2014-03-27 Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Celebrating the International Day of Children’s Literature Zangak Publishing House presents PETER PAN IN KENSINGTON GARDENS to young readers in new and unexpected design. April 2-5 all kids will have a unique opportunity to acquire the book with their own picture on the cover.
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  2014-02-19 A Book for the Stranger. Book-Giving Day 19.02.2014

February 19 Zangak Publishing House shared the joy of receiving a book for present with people of different specializations who were surprised not only by the gifts but also by inscriptions left on gift-books by customers of Zangak Bookstore.

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  2014-02-18 Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
From now on Peter Pan not only lives and amazes us in Kensington Gardens. Zangak Publishing House introduces the Armenian translation (translation by Alvard Jivanyan) of the book to readers of all ages.
The opening ceremony of PETER PAN IN KENSINGTON GARDENS took place in February 19 at the 10th Yerevan Book Fair in National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper.
Performance of Peter Pan was staged by Children’s Development Fund at the ceremony.
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  2014-02-10 Book for the Stranger
February 11 to 18 you buy a book from Zangak Bookstore and simultaneously make another book present for random people. When you buy a book you are given another one published by Zangak Publishing House where you pen down your inscription and wish. On February 19 the books with your inscriptions will travel around the most unexpected parts of the city and randomly be presented to different people and new readers.Not only a book will you present but the exciting thrill of surprise.  
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  2014-02-09 Catalogue of Armenian Illustrators 2014
Zangak Publishing House launches a project tailored for Armenian book illustrators which will give them an opportunity to publish their works in new “Illustrator 2014” catalogue.The catalogue will be presented at Bologna, London and Frankfurt international book fairs.Those who wish their illustrations to be comprised in the catalogue are kindly required to submit their brief CV, personal photo, and the digital copies of their works to our address info@illustrators.am
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  2013-12-14 The first two pre-holiday evenings of A Fairytale for My Grandchild
The first two pre-holiday evenings organized by Zangak Publishing House were held on 13 and 14 December.
During these merry evenings ten story-teller-couples presented their favorite fairy tales and the participants elected the best two couples among them. The winners will present their new stories at the final evening on December 27.




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  2013-12-12 A Fairy Tale for My Grandchild. The First Evening
The first evening of A Fairy Tale for My Grandchild took place in Zangak Bookstore. The story-teller-couples of the day were Grandmother Mary and her sweet granddaughter Monika, Grandmother Yeranuhi and her lovely granddaughter Nare, Grandmother Nona and her fair granddaughter Lilith, Grandmother Karine and her beautiful granddaughter Karine, Grandmother Vanuhi with her handsome grandsons Tigran, Areg and Vahagn. In result of the votes by guests and participants Grandmother   
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