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  2018-02-06 Translator, writer Aram Arsenyan is the guest of "Artbox"

Karen Avetisyan Hosts Translator Aram Arsenyan to Talk about "To Kill A Mockingbird..." by Harer Lee.


  2016-12-29 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets edition release-celebration

The Armenian translation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - the second volume of Harry Potter series is already out in bookstores. Watch the book release video here.


  2016-10-29 Literature According to Nobel

 The name of 2016 Nobel Prize winner has become known now – it’s American song-writer and singer Bob Dylan. The decision of the Swedish Academy’s board came as surprise for many readers and ignited hot debates and clashes of opinions among writers and literary critics. What means Nobel prize to an author, how exactly it contributes to the development and popularization of literature and how Armenian publishers view this prize. These questions were the key topic of discussion between literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan and Artur Mesropyan – the Translations Program Coordinator of Zangak Publishing House.



  2016-10-26 Frankfurt International Book Fair 2016
During Frankfurt International Book Fair 2016 held on 19-23 October our latest titles – both adult and children’s were presented along with other Armenian publishers’ literary produce in the Armenian Stand. As a result of more than hundred meetings with our partners from around the publishing world we received about 200 offers collaboration projects the best ones of which are currently going through the sifting process of selection by our editors.

  2016-06-06 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Armenian edition release-celebration

This short video features Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Armenian edition release-celebration organized with Khnko Aper library on June 1.

  2016-04-07 Embroidery Open Lesson at the National Center of Fine Arts
Students of Embroidery Center of the National Center of Fine Arts today demonstrated their needlework skills displaying their works of embroidery. This event was part of a new handbook release published by ZANGAK–Armenian Embroidery written by National Artist of Armenia Lusine Mkhitaryan who is teaching at the same Center.

  2016-03-31 “Tragedies” by Sophocles Book Release
April 1 was highlighted by the release of the translation of “Tragedies” by Sophocles. The evening was attended by a circle of literary critics, translators and connoisseurs of art. “While translating such a perfectly crafted works you have controversial feelings; one the one hand you enjoy the whole process while on the other hand your hands are shaking lest you ruin that fascinating composition with a single improper word or phrase.



  2016-03-28 “Wizard of Oz” Discussion at Zangak Bookstore
A couple of days back students of school Usum took part in the discussion of L.F. Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” organized by Zangak Publishing House and a student of the school Mane Melikyan. The friendly and warm atmosphere and exchange of ideas took the participants to the magical world of Oz where everything is possible when you just make a wish!  

  2016-03-15 Fahrenheit 451 and Four-Year-Warmth from ZANGAK Bookstore
«Zangak Bookstore celebrated its 4 years with the release of the release of the translation of Fahrenheit 451. Ararat Minasyan’s paintings were exhibited at the evening as well. Zangak Bookstore has been operating since its opening in Komitas 49/2.
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  2016-01-15 Summer Reading Program Notice-Invitation
Incredible Peter Pan is tapping at the Summer Reading’s door and invites the best and active readers to watch Pan. Journey to Neverland in Cinema Star at 12:50 on January 19. Dear parents please confirm the participation of your child in a private message to us. In this breathtaking motion picture directed by Joe Wright, Peter (Levi Miller) is an unruly teenager but in London Orphanage where he lives, this trait doesn’t serve him well. Then one day he is spirited away from the Orphanage to Neverland the fantastic world of pirates, warriors and spirits. There he will try to unclose his mother’s secret.
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