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News & events

2016-01-16 Summer Reading Program Notice-Invitation
Incredible Peter Pan is tapping at the Summer Reading’s door and invites the best and active readers to watch Pan. Journey to Neverland in Cinema Star at 12:50 on January 19. Dear parents please confirm the participation of your child in a private message to us. In this breathtaking motion picture directed by Joe Wright, Peter (Levi Miller) is an unruly teenager but in London Orphanage where he lives, this trait doesn’t serve him well. Then one day he is spirited away from the Orphanage to Neverland the fantastic world of pirates, warriors and spirits. There he will try to unclose his mother’s secret.
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2015-06-03 Summer reading 2015
Dear young friends,
We are happy to invite you to join our Summer Reading program designed for children and teens during the summer holidays. You certainly know that reading is one of the best pastimes as books can carry you to faraway lands and help you travel into unknown worlds.
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2015-04-15 Yerevan Sketch Book… Coming Soon
Yerevan, as many other cities of distinct culture, will also have its sketchbook very soon. The book aims to feature the architecture and atmosphere of Yerevan as well as its people, faces and multicolored and oftentimes contradicting environment, the Yerevan-lifestyle from artistic and practical, everyday perspectives.
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2015-02-19 Book-Gifting Weeks 2015

Gift a Book!
Dear readers we know you are again looking forward to the Book Gifting Day. So do you want to make a surprise for your friends or to receive the book you have been planning to read for so long?!

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2014-12-30 Capping 2014
On the eve of the New Year Zangak introduced translation of Gianni Rodari’s THE BLUE ARROW novel in a festive celebration and book launch party!Check the video to see what awaits you in 2015!
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The Blue Arrow
2,500 AMD
Pinocchio (retelling)
7,200 AMD
The Wizard of Oz
2,300 AMD
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Fables: Modeling Clay Heroes Present
2,400 AMD
The Thorny Hedgehog's Tale
800 AMD
2,300 AMD
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Ararat is the Temple of the Temples
600 AMD
Saint John the Baptist
1,000 AMD
King Lear
5,700 AMD
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